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Class-Easy (0.11) ****

Bottom line the "has" method supports a default value. I could not find any other lightweight "has" methods that do.


- Needs better examples and documentation. For example, why do the tests use BEGIN blocks around has definitions.

- has mymethod => (); looks mush cleaner than has "mymethod";


- is=>"rw" would be a better default than is=>"ro" (for me anyway)

Ease of use

- Requirment for ExtUtils::MakeMaker >= 6.48 was pain. 6.42 worked fine with a couple of warnings.


I use as

perl -e '
package Foo;
use base qw{Package::New};
use Class::Easy;
has "hey", is => "rw", default => "cool";

package main;
print Foo->new->hey("Hey"), "\n";