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Class-DBI-Pager (0.06) ****

The interface of this module is really straightforward. The documentation is a little sparse, but it's a small (yet very useful) module so not a lot is needed. Docs are geared towards Template::Toolkit although I'm sure it would be useful for other template engines as well. It would be a good idea, imo, to add examples for other templating engines to the documentation.

Class-DBI-Pager (0.04) *****

This module just does what it ought to do. I use it with Template Toolkit exclusively, but I'm sure it would be useful with anything else you use. It doesn't seem to work quite as documented though, it seems to require an iterator, but the documentation doesn't really say this clearly (the NOTES section says it "internally retrieves iterators", but this seems to mean that it requires iterators to work).

Don't reinvent the wheel, just use this module.
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