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Chart-Gnuplot (0.14) ***

Version 0.14 gets a lower rating from me than 0.13 because it uses ImageMagick to convert a vector-based image to a rasterised image to put into the pdf rather than retaining the vector format. Version 0.13 produces better looking pdf files. I looked through the options for ImageMagick but didn't find anything to keep vector information. I'm curious why ImageMagick was chosen.

Chart-Gnuplot (0.12) ****

A very useful module for dealing with Gnuplot.

I still prefer gnuplot over Chart::Clicker and SVG::TT::Graph::TimeSeries for graphing time series data. I've used gnuplot directly in the past and didn't have much trouble adapting to this module's interface.

My one issue was that it isn't possible to use the interactive x11 terminal (it displays the image for a fraction of a second and then it immediately disappears). I was able to get it working by including the code below in my script.

In case the code doesn't format well, see:

# interactive gnuplot terminal

use Hook::LexWrap;

wrap 'Chart::Gnuplot::_execute',

pre => sub { my ( $self ) = @_;

# if this isn't an x11 terminal, there's nothing to do

return unless $self->{terminal} eq "x11";

# add 'pause' command to script to keep image from immediately disappearing

open(GPH, ">>$self->{_script}") || confess("Can't write $self->{_script}");

print GPH "\npause mouse button1\n";


# output is not a file, delete the 'output' param or we'll get an error in _execute

delete $self->{output};


Chart-Gnuplot (0.05) ****

Works right off the box... Would love to see continued development and other gnuplot features supported in the future...

Chart-Gnuplot (0.04) *****

I needed to generate gnuplots per Manager This Is Very Important assignment. This package was painless to use and well documented with examples.

Nice work!
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