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Chart-Clicker (2.58) *****

I've been watching this project and it keeps getting better. The prettiest plug-and-play data graphs on CPAN!

The docs are good but missing information on a number of the subtle tweaks. For example, I had troubles figuring out how to adjust the width of the line in a line chart (the default width is far too thick when there are thousands of points on the graph). It turns out to be easy enough ($ctx->renderer->brush->width(1)) but I couldn't find it in any the docs or tutorial. I ended up finding it in the examples, which are a fabulous resource:

The time-series graphs are great, but bring your own date parsing of the source data. I'm looking forward to trying out the candlestick graphs.

Chart-Clicker (1.0.1) *****

Yet another charting/graphing module, using yet another graphics engine.

Chart::Clicker is based on the Cario graphics library (, and as used by this module, produces some charts with beautifully-blended alpha layers and gradients.

Documentation is described as largely 'todo' since this young project is still in a state of alpha flux, but the interface looks sensible. Youth probably accounts for the lack of chart types currently available.

It would be nice to see some integration between ::Clicker and GD::Graph::Data, perhaps, but that is picky.

Overall, Clicker is certainly worth keeping an eye on as a replacement for quick-fix graphing currently provided by GD::Graph. It will not become as popular, though, until someone builds a Win32 PPD that includes Cairo!

Chart-Clicker (1.4.0) *****

Though I can agree that in this case the name is not the most appropriate, no module should be rated only (or mainly) because of its name.

This module has a sane interface, and permits to produce extremely beautiful charts, as you can see here:

Being a young project, Chart::Clicker does not offer yet the same variety of charts produced by GD::Graph*, but the quality of the output is already far superior, thanks to the rendering library used (Cairo -- I welcome this project mainly because of this, being Cairo one of the best graphics libraries available, yet used only by few CPAN graphics distros).
To the author: please, keep the examples there ;-)
And thank you for your valuable work.
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