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Catalyst-Engine-Embeddable (0.000002) ****

Documentation? What documentation? I had to read source code for this and a few other modules on CPAN that use it, google around, try code iteration after iteration wasting hours of time just finding out how to use this module.

What's more, the one code snippet provided doesn't even compile. I've seldom been so happy to get a module working, but I've never been so frustrated in doing so.

If I ever have time, I'll contribute to the documentation. For what it's worth, the things you really need to know to get the code working:

### In your external daemon/script: ###

use strict;
use warnings;
use HTTP::Request;
use MyCatalystApp;

my $response;
my $request = HTTP::Request->new('GET', '/');
my $app = MyCatalystApp->new();
my $status = $app->handle_request($request, \$response);

print $response->content;

### And now in your primary catalyst application module ($APP_ROOT/lib/ #####
use parent qw/ Catalyst /;

$ENV{CATALYST_ENGINE} = 'Embeddable';

require Catalyst::Engine::Embeddable;

I hope this module will continue to be maintained and be of great use to the many programmers who need to provide non-http message passing interfaces to their catalyst applications.