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Catalyst-Controller-BindLex (0.05) *

The general consensus is that you should NOT use this module anymore and it is considered harmful by its own author. The POD states:
"It was designed as a PROOF OF CONCEPT ONLY and should not be considered for use in production. The authors no longer consider it a viable implementation plan and THIS MODULE IS NOT SUPPORTED AND WILL NOT BE MAINTAINED."

Catalyst-Controller-BindLex (0.03)

As the author I can't wholeheartedly reccomend this module...

I find that the dependencies involve too much "black magic" to be truely stable and occasionally one sees segfaults, and incompatibilities with modules that are really hard to anticipate (for example total breakage WWW::Myspace has been reported).

Being mostly syntactic sugar it's easy to remove this module using find and replace and a little bit of manual labor, but finding out that it is the culprit might not be so easy.

Use with caution.

Catalyst-Controller-BindLex (0.03) *****

This is just so practical to use, although the interface as documented in the "Recipes" section of the docs could be somewhat more deatiled. But in general this module adds so beauty and clarity to my code.