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Cache-Memcached (1.28) *****

The Cache::Memcached module works great - and the documentation is spot-on. It is easy to use and easy to mock-up (because of the simple interface). I've used Cache::Memcached on quick scripts, distributed shared memory apps, anti-leech/abuse filters and for http session management. It's never failed me.

Cache-Memcached (1.24) *****

Excellent Product. We were able to just drop this in to our code very easily, and everything is working as advertised. Many kudos.

Cache-Memcached (1.24) ***

Bottom line: use Cache::Memcached::Managed instead. It uses Cache::Memcached under the hood, so core functionality is the same.

The real reason to use Cache::Memcached::Manged instead of Cache::Memcached directly is that it has:

* more and clearer documentation
* examles that actually work!

Thanks for making a memcached interface in Perl Brad, but give us some working examples in the docs please!

Cache-Memcached (1.24) *****

Great product. brad++

Cache-Memcached (1.18) *****

A clean and simple interface to a high-speed shared cache system.
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