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CSS-Inliner (3674) *****

This is a great little module which allows you to create an HTML email with CSS style and have it show correctly also if the receiver user Gmail webmail.

Works fine and it's very straightforward to use!

CSS-Inliner (3674) ***

Seems to work just fine for the basic case I need. Interface is easy enough to use. Code is easy to read and has tests.

Some (very) minor quibbles/observations:

1. Type-checking on the API parameters might be improved for those of us that just skim the docs :-)

2. Option to pass in html and css separately would have been good too.

3. Has built-in URI fetching for remote css (which I don't need), so code is a bit longer than necessary. If you do need it, then thats a plus.

4. Re-parses your HTML so you can't rely on maintaining non-critical whitespace, some characters will be &xxx; encoded etc.

5. Version-number is a bit odd.

CSS-Inliner (3674)

Makes it easy to solves real problems.