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CPAN-Mini-Webserver (0.54) ***

One of my favourite module. But >=0.54 uses jQuery from - it's not well for me, and certainly not for a offline environment.

CPAN-Mini-Webserver (0.57) *****

Just found out about it, despite having used CPAN::Mini for over a year. Helps *a lot*. More people should know this (e.g. mention from CPAN::Mini POD).

CPAN-Mini-Webserver (0.41) *****

this is brilliant, don't leave home without it.

and even if you stay in, it's lightning fast, does syntax highlighting and you get lan speed (ok, not leon's doing, probably).

imo, right up there with ack and svk.

CPAN-Mini-Webserver (0.36) *****

Great work. Helps a lot to hack in an offline environment like airplane.

CPAN-Mini-Webserver (0.33) *****

Really cool! I like the idea of having offline copy of cpan modules using CPAN::Mini and the CPAN::Mini::Webserver is fast and just what you need when you want to "" offline.