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CGI-Kwiki (0.18) ****

Fast easy install - even without root.
This reminds me of a great piece of code I used years ago (in the day where wiki was not yet a term). Now if I can get it running on my Zarus ;-) Highly recommended. Easy to modify and plug into other apps.
Try it out!

CGI-Kwiki (0.18) ****

Really excellent piece of software. It has saved my sanity for organizing personal projects (programming and otherwise). And it was so easy to set up, I actually have no recollection whatsoever of doing it (it was two months ago).

The one thing I haven't enjoyed is its revision system's reliance on shell stuff. I recently moved computers, and the only way to prevent the 'ci' RCS from erroring out on updates to existing files was to erase all of the RCS placeholder files. I think it was because one Apache was running as 'nobody' and the other as 'www' but I don't know for sure.

I can't wait for more of the internals to be pure Perl(C) (on top of DB_File too or somesuch). Also I looked at hacking ispell into it but I think it's a job for a better or more dedicated programmer. When it has those, I'll gladly give it 5 stars.

CGI-Kwiki (0.17) *****

Very simple installation. YAML configuration file makes it easy to tweak. (It's surprising how excited some clients get when they see their logo on their wiki!)

The extra features (like protection, blogging, and slide-show) are not intrusive, so I don't need to explain them until they are needed.


CGI-Kwiki (0.17) ****

Very nice Wiki implementation. Very easy to setup. Very easy to customise.

The only thing I miss is an RSS view of recent changes.

CGI-Kwiki (0.18) ****

I recently installed Kwiki, C2Wiki and Usemod. CGI::Kwiki was by far the easiest to install. It also looks great.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to set up a hassle free wiki.

Since it doesn't use a database it may not scale well for large on-line wikis. There are also some markup elements missing that other wiki's support such as term lists and definition lists. However, these issues are probably minor for most people.