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CGI-Builder (1.36) *

Please read through the reviews on this (CGI-Builder Ratings) page!! At the point of this review, 0 people found all posts (other than OVID's) useful.

Do look into the source before using.

I took a look at the links that OVID posted and at the code, ignoring style issues (which is pretty hard to do), it appeared that (according to the article) the install had some vulnerabilities. I browsed through the code and couldn't find the Makefile.PL with the vulnerability, and may be furthered by the "anonymous" posts in the perlmonks article mentioned by OVID; where the author? mentions that he has removed the LWP call to his own domain. He then posts the reasons he added the counter in the first place along with his opinions on privacy:

Clearly CPAN ratings is somewhat lacking in it's ability to provide appropriate "Ratings". At this point it does a simple tally without taking into account how *Useless* everybody has found the prior comments.

CGI-Builder (1.36) *

Hmm, lots of five star reviews? Seems plenty of folks are quite happy with this module. But wait, what's that I see? Those folks are giving out glowing reviews to other modules, too. And as of this writing, those modules all belong to same author ( Basically, various "people" are all showing up to say how wonderful Domizio Demichelis is. How curious.

You can also read a bit about the history of this module ( and how he used to have this module "phone home" and then eval unknown code on your computer ( Personally, I see no clear benefit and the somewhat questionable history of all of this compels me to leave this review as a counterpoint to the others.
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