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CAS-Apache (0.45) *

What is it? I can't even tell. The module description says something about it bring great, but I can't tell what's so great about it. The synopsis says nothing and there's really not much else there.

CAS-Apache (0.45)

Documentation needs to outline dependencies which include Apache2, mod_perl 2 and CAS.

Seems incomplete and could do with a walk through of provided urls via the handlers.

That being said it is very interesting to see how someone else has implemented user management and uploaded it for public use. I don't think this is ready for common use though, it is specific solution that has been coded fairly generically, however the admins tools either have not been released or are simply SQL scripts not included with the distribution.

I spent about 6 hours reviewing this as a possible CAS (different acronym, the JA-SIG Central Authentication Service) server. I assumed it was the same protocol but the server was implemented in Perl not Java.