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CAM-PDF (1.55) *****

Super solution for manipulating PDFs. You can imaging a PDF file to be a huge single hash. Investigate the hash (PDF file) with dump, get a feeling for the branches, manipulate everything according to your needs and write the hash back.

Many thanks for updating to new versions otherwise problems would arise with new PDFs.

Brilliant work!

CAM-PDF (1.52)

It's great for throwing together quick one-liners to summarize a bunch of PDFs.

CAM-PDF (1.08) ***

If you want to do basic things quickly, such as list out a PDF's fields or fill them up, this is a great module. The module comes with scripts that do this for you.

However, if you want to do anything deeper than consume the meager utility functions you are going to have a problem. A great example is trying to check checkboxes. This is impossible. The fallback would be to create something using a font that looks like a checked checkbox, but who knows how to do that with this API?

CAM-PDF (1.06) ****

Manipulates PDFs, not just creates them. Comes with lots of examples so it is relatively easy to get up-and-running.

CAM-PDF (1.05) ****

Great module for reading and analyzing PDF files, something which was seriously lacking from CPAN. The interface can seem daunting at time, but there are some real useful gems in it. The author is also very responsive and answered all my questions. Thumbs Up! ... oh yeah,..and its Pure Perl too :)