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CAD-Drawing (0.26) *

Did not install under CPAN. This package and the dependencies written by Eric Wilhelm must be installed manually. Eventually, I drilled down to installing the package CAD::Drawing::IO::DWGI and found the following message:

"Because the OpenDWG toolkit is not GPL, I cannot distribute it or any
part of it with this module. You will have to get the toolkit and
install it under /usr/local/lib/ and /usr/local/include/."

The examples shown misleads developers to believe CAD::Drawing handles *.dwg files out of the box. This is not true.

CAD-Drawing (0.25) **

Nice looking/sounding module, but unfortunately impossible to autoinstall - CAD::Drawing requires that the other modules mentioned are installed first, but these are not in it's PREREQ list. When attempting to install them by hand, it turns out that CAD::Drawing::Manipulate requires CAD::Drawing to be installed already.
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