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Business-Tax-VAT-Validation (0.19) *****

Great to check if an European VAT ID is valid. I use local checks mainly, though.

Business-Tax-VAT-Validation (0.16) *****

Very practical and efficient way offered here for checking my professional customers VAT registration. Lightweight module with clean code. Thanks !

Business-Tax-VAT-Validation (0.15) *


Module is great, but this version in not correct:

You included spaces in your patterns :
Old version :GB => '([0-9]{9}|[0-9]{12}|GD[0-9]{3}|HA[0-9]{3})',

is now
GB => '([0-9]{3} [0-9]{4} [0-9]{2}( [0-9]{3})?|GD[0-9]{3}|HA[0-9]{3})'

This break existing code as previous versions implied to remove white spaces. And now you make them mandatory (and users do not respect spaces patterns when entering there vat number). It should either be reverted back, or at list make the 'spaces' check optionnal.

This appart, thanks for this great module.