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Autocache (0.004)

This is module is new. I do not rate it but report a few points that may be interesting.

Although the module names the Memoize module, no direct comparison is made (neither textual nor time based). Memoize author has integrated extra functionality written by other authors in the past; this makes me wonder why the author of Autocache did not integrate his ideas in a plugin! Autocache is supposed to be very similar to Memoize, according to its author.

Autocache brings context dependent caching as well as the possibility to add Normalizing function to the memoizing mechanism. I will not get into the details which are much better explained by the author in the module documentation.

Missing from the module is the possibility to save the cache in a DB although Autocache::Strategy::Store::Memcached and other are named in the documentation.

Although I'd rather see this module integrated in Memoize (if possible) it may fill a niche. Time will tell. In any case, the amount of tests is 25% of the amount of tests for memoize (in rounded bytes) something the author is well aware of and warns us about.

A new module to keep an eye on.