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AnyEvent-Kanye (0.02) *

Poor attempt at a joke.

AnyEvent-Kanye (0.02) ****

Bug Menot doesn't care about jewish people.

AnyEvent-Kanye (0.02) *****

Before a performance of his latest talk the next night, I convinced Yuval to sit down with me and discuss what his mother would've thought of him releasing this module. Yuval, near tears had this to say:

"Some people take some time off, but I don't guess I did."

Nuff said. Now onto the performance...

AnyEvent-Kanye (0.02) *****

Bug Menot, I don't think you understand, Yuval Kogman is the voice of his generation. I did hear that Larry Wall called him a "jackass", but that was off-the-record.

Yuval, this module totally deserves Module of the Year if it doesn't win you should boycott CPAN.

AnyEvent-Kanye (0.02)

Great review and I'm going to let you finish, but Rev Michael Greb had one of the best reviews of all time

AnyEvent-Kanye (0.02) *

This is just horrible namespace pollution. It should live under the Acme namespace, where the rest of the pointless modules go to die. Seeing poor choices like this make me less inclined to use any of the author's other modules.

AnyEvent-Kanye (0.01) *****

This module is awesome and I'm gonna let you get back to it but I just want to say Yaakov had one of the best modules of 2009.
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