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Amazon-SQS-Simple (2.03) *****

Amazon-SQS-Simple is really simple to use. A couple of minutes reading the Pod and getting acquainted with the Amazon SQS is enough to get an working example.

The only thing that I missed was an updated Pod, which seems to be (unfortunately) outdated regarding the features the distribution already has.

For instance, quoting the Pod: “This version of Amazon::SQS::Simple defaults to work against version 2009-02-01 of the SQS API.”

Checking the code is easy to see that the defaul is “SQS_VERSION_2012_11_05”, so the Pod is outdated.

package Amazon::SQS::Simple::Base;
our @EXPORT = qw(SQS_VERSION_2012_11_05 SQS_VERSION_2009_02_01 SQS_VERSION_2008_01_01);

Also, something that I missed is information about long pooling support or not (which seems to be available for usage, specially because Amazon-SQS-Simple is up to date with Amazon SQS spec).