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Alien-SVN ( *****

It's a really boring module which makes a frustrating dependency problem go away. What more could you possibly want from an Alien:: dist? Thanks to Schwern and Matthew for handling this bit of thankless plumbing.

The only thing I see wrong with this module is that some of its users report installation problems here on the CPAN ratings site instead of using the bug tracker ( .)

Alien-SVN (

This module would benefit from an option to use the SVN libs already on the system. The bundled Subversion 1.4 (which is a bit old, actually) seems to be not installable on my Gentoo Linux (but I have 1.6.4 installed and working).

Alien-SVN (

Very painful to install on Solaris despite that fact that it is an Alien:: distro. The current overall fail rate in cpan.testers is about 66%.

It would be better if it checked to see if Subversion was already installed and used the installed libs instead.