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Algorithm-Permute (0.12) *****

The functional (callback) interface is just what I wanted — ‘run this block of code once for each permutation of this array’. Couldn't be simpler.

The documentation could make this clearer though; you have to skip past a bunch of OO stuff to see it.

Algorithm-Permute (0.12) *****

This is a good module.
I have used it in my module CM::Permutation to generate permutations.
My only problem with it is that I think the identity permutation should be
generated before any other one,so the current generation order should be reversed, or the interface should provide some method for doing this(but this is a personal preference).
The documentation is clear.
The interface is ok except for what I mentioned earlier.
It's easy to use and overall I will give it 5 stars.

Algorithm-Permute (0.12) *****

Nice and fast module for doing permutaion.
It save me a little effort