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Algorithm-Bucketizer (0.10) *****

This module is versatile, extensible, and useful.

I needed to bucketize with varying buket sizes, for example. It took me about 10 lines of subclass code to come up with an adequeate solution.

This saved me lots of time designing and implementing a solution that I probably wouldn't have gotten right anyway.


Algorithm-Bucketizer (0.10) *****

When I was faced with the daunting task of figuring out the most optimum way to store an arbitrary number of files on data CD and an arbitrary number of audio files on an audio CD, I was planning on spending several hours coming up with the proper algorithm. Luckily a short search came up with this great module, and it was EXACTLY what I needed! The module is fast and appears to work flawlessly with all sorts of data I've thrown at it.