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Acme-Placeholder (0.04)

Robert - I'll delete it at some point (a year's time sounds fair), especially if the butt end of the joke actually condenses into software (or gets deleted itself). I do feel that the namespaces taken by this module are somewhat less plausible choices for other authors, so I'm not really worried about clashes. If it really bothers you I can delete it now after I got my fame ;-)

Acme-Placeholder (0.04) *

While I appreciate a good sense of humour, this is just counter-productive, since it singles out the ills of a specific author. In a year's time, most will forget wha tthe joke was about, and it will just grab more namespace.

Acme-Placeholder (0.04) *****

Sheer silliness. :-)

Acme-Placeholder (0.04) *****

Thank goodness for this module. It carries out its appointed task of wasting space in several namespaces superbly, and is filed exactly where it should be, in the Acme:: family. Not only that, but the author is responsive, releases regularly and is doing his best to achieve high "kwalitee" - unlike DMUEY, who is yet to achieve a good result in the wasting-space department (despite numerous attempts). Recommended.

Acme-Placeholder (0.04) *****

I laughed, I cried, I sh*t my pants. 5 stars, 2 thumbs up and 8 Whammys!
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