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Acme-Pasty (0.01) ***

Just to correct slightly the 2 previous reviews, the "website" being pumped up ( is not a real one , so I would indeed consider this a proper (if only mildly funny) use of the Acme namespace.

Acme-Pasty (0.01) *

Ditto Smylers. I think this warrants admin intervention.

Acme-Pasty (0.01) *

This distribution is Cpan spam: it doesn't do anything, and doesn't even claim to do anything other than provide a link to the uploader's websites, sites which has nothing to do with Cpan.

Ironically, I don't even think it'll help those sites in search engine rankings, since their URLs are only provided as plain text not as links. So not only is this an abuse of Cpan and a waste of space, it isn't even doing its uploader (I refrain from using the term "author" for somebody who hasn't written anything) any good.